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Apply for Passport

Click here for Passport Application Form 3 (A)

Material requirements for obtaining South Sudan Passport: As stipulated in the South Sudan Passport Regulations 2011

  1. Correctly completed and signed Passport Application Form (Form 3 A),
  2. Two (2) passport size photos,
  3. Copy of South Sudan Nationality Certificate, issued under the Nationality Act 2011,
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate or Assessment of Age Certificate, issued by a competent authority,
  5. Written evidence of applicant’s Blood Group from a reputable medical facility, (Optional)
  6. Recommendation from a mature witness who must be a next of kin,
President Salva Kiir Mayardit Holding New Identification Documents of South Sudan
Sample of Passport

Passport Processing Fees:

For a new Adult Passport is $150 USD,
For a new Child Passport is $110 USD,
For re-issue of Passport to replace a lost/stolen one is $250 USA.

Applications for South Sudan Passport can be made at the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington D. C. – USA.

Once the requirements have been met by the applicant, the data will be electronically transferred for permanent storage at the computer servers of South Sudan Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Immigration, where printing of the actual passports will be done in Juba.

Printed passports will be sent from Juba to the Embassy in Washington D. C. for forwarding to the applicants. The estimated time required for processing / printing will be a minimum of 45 working days, or more, depending on many factors within South Sudan.

Received new passports from Juba will be mailed/posted through recorded delivery to the applicant’s provided/known address. If the applicant decided to come and collect their passport from the Embassy, they will be required to bring a photo identification document with them. However, if the applicant decided to delegate a third party to collect the passport on their behalf, than they must put such request in writing and notarize the letter through a legal firm.

For follow-up or to request additional information,please call the Consular Office directly on:

Tel: +1 202 293 7940 or E-mail: